Web Hosting

Cloud Servers

Our shared hosting platform uses the latest Windows virtual platform technology optimised for speed and reliability.

Cloud hosting


Our front-end web servers just run websites and back-end servers only databases - this ensures that servers are optimised for the role that they are providing. Our servers run Microsoft Windows and SQL Server.


Our servers use Sold state disk (SSD) technology to provide the fastest response. Located in UK data centres our servers provide optimal response times for UK customers - we also provide US, European and Australian based hosting to optimise site responses for these local markets.


Our servers are secured by managed firewalls and are PCI compliant. Secure access can be granted via a fixed IP address.


All websites are monitored 24/7 using both server and Pingdom monitoring tools.


Backups are taken daily of websites and databases. More regular backups can be configured.


As a virtual platform, if your site requires extra resources, we can scale up your requirements at short notice.

Dedicated Hosting

We also offer dedicated virtual servers that can provide an added level of security and reliability.


  • Content Management hosting from £20 per month (£240 pa)
  • PCI Compliant e-Commerce hosting from £50 per month (£600 pa) including SSL

Prices exclude VAT