International e-Commerce: An opportunity for 2016?

If you are thinking of expanding abroad, consider the key challenges you will face when taking your business to an international level. Do you know why existing online visitors come from abroad and are they converting into customers?

Digital technology can underpin international expansion and you should assess:

  1. Competitive Pricing – your products maybe competitively priced in your local market will they provide value for money elsewhere?
  2. Targeted Digital Marketing – do you have a strategy for running localised marketing campaigns?
  3. Location & Taxes – do you understand how local taxes and charges vary?
  4. Language – does your website provide a seamless experience to users in different languages?
  5. Sales and Support – how will you support your sales process and provide after sales care to foreign markets?
  6. Payments options – across cultures preferred methods of payment vary widely from cards to online money transfers and cash on delivery. Understand how people want to pay in your target market.
  7. Delivery – work with reputable logistic partners to ensure secure transit and no unwelcome surprises such as custom charges.
  8. Returns – for some cultures it is normal to order multiple items and sizes so that once tried, most can be returned. How will you handle returns and associated costs?
  9. Website speed – just because your website performs well here, does it work as well in other countries?

Selling abroad can transform your business but be sure to understand the steps of how to be competitive in non-domestic markets.

Article published in the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Comment Magazine - Issue 39